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[ Maps ]   Google Map    Residential Map (biglobe)    Residential Map (@nifty)
  Satellite photographs (Google)    Old Aerial photographs
  Kanto-Area Topography Maps
[ Registration ]   Registration Information Service    Public Registration Offices
[ Land Price ]   Gov. Published Land Price    Pref. Gov. Published Land Price
  Base Value of Inheritance Tax    Base Value of Property Tax
   Land General Information System (Gov)
[ Cap-rate Trend ]   MLIT Chika Look    JREI JRE-Investor Survey
  Real Capital Analytics    ARES J-REIT P-DB    TOREIT
[ Zoning ]   Cityzone.Mapexpert  
   Tokyo    Yokohama    Kawasaki    Sagamihara    Saitama-City    Chiba
[ City Gas ]  Tokyo gas    Japan Gas Association
[ Public Sewerage ]  Tokyo-Metropolitan-Office    Yokohama-City-Office
[ Construction Cost ]   MLIT(Construction Cost Deflater)
  Construction Research Institute
[ Office Market ]    Sanko Estate    Miki Shoji Company
  Nikkei Real Estate Market Information
[ Home Price Index ]
  Real Estate Economic Institute (New condos)    Value Workers (New condos)
  JREI Home Price Indices (Existing condos)    Tokyo Kantei (Existing condos)
  REINS for East Japan (Existing houses)    REINS for Kinki Area (Existing houses)
  REINS for Central Japan (Existing houses)    REINS for West Japan (Existing houses)
[ Home Hunting ]   My home @nifty    YAHOO Real Estate    at home web
   All Japan Real Estate Federation
[ Japan REIT ]    ARES    JAPAN-REIT.COM    TOREIT    Daiwa Asset Management
[ Public Auction ]   BIT (Broadcast Information of Tri-set system)
[ Appraisal/Valuation ]   Japanese Association of Real Estate Appraisal
  JP V-Standards (in Jpn.)   JP V-Standards (in Eng.)    Japan Real Estate Institute
 Appraisal Institute (US)  (Publications)    The Appraisal Foundation  (USPAP)
 IVSC (IVS)    The European Group of Valuers' Associations  (EVS)
 Australian Property Institute (API)
[ Real Estate Institutions ]   FIABCI
   Real Estate Transaction Promotion Center
  ZENTAKUREN    Tei-Shaku Kyogikai    Teiki-Shakuya Kyogikai
[ Economy ]   Cabinet Office    Bank of Japan    BOJ Economic Survey    BOJ Tankan
  NII SAIN    Economist    Weekly Diamond    Weekly Toyo Keizai
  Yahoo : Stocks    Yahoo : Foreign Exchange    IMF : Foreign Exchange    BOJ: Prime Rate
[ Administration, Law, Tax ]   e-Government    Ordinances/Guidelines (Local Govts)
  Law Data Information    The Constitution of Japan    Japanese Civil Code
  Japanese Law Translation (Japanese to English)                      
   Courts in Japan
  Laws On-line (consultation) (consultation)
 Condo Management Center
  Tax Answer (National Tax Agency)    National Tax Tribunal
[ Companies Data ]    Yahoo : Corporate Informations
  Teikoku-Data : Bankruptcy information    TSR : Bankruptcy information
  TOKEI : Bankruptcy information    EDINET_Security_Disclosures for investors
[ Maintenance/Management ]   Japan Building Maintenance Association
   Japan Building Management Institute    Buil Net
   Condo Management Center    Condo Management Companies Association
  Japan Property Management Association
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